Datacenters in ready-to-use,

Plug & play data centers

Discover in a video, an it-Box project, from the design in our premises, to the final commissioning for one of our industrial customers.

Why a containerized datacenter?

Accelerate and optimize your datacenter project

It-Box has been designed for organizations that want to :

  • Reduce the duration and cost of the project.
  • Relocate a datacenter during works (asbestos removal, renovations...).
  • Put in place a Business Continuity Plan (BCP - BCP).
  • Freeing oneself from the constraints of size and surface area of buildings.

Our it-Box containerized data centers respond to several types of challenges:

  • Adapt the power of the computer rooms to new needs.
  • Gain space within the premises.
  • Simplify the management of computer rooms.
  • Increasing operational safety.
  • Reduce project duration and acquisition and operating costs



Modular, ready-to-use containerized data centre

it-Box is a range of containerized data centers, designed in our workshops and installed in 16 weeks, turnkey.

Since the first installation of an it-Box more than 10 years ago, Module-it has expanded its offer to meet the multitude of needs of its customers. With an average of one delivery per month, Module-it is one of the references in the field of containerised data centres.

With different levels of redundancy, capacity or cooling technologies, the it-Box allows a very quick implementation, after a first test campaign in our workshops (electrical and climatic chains, fire safety, supervision).

Why choose it-box?

A concentrate of technology at the cutting edge of design

  • Adaptability, modularity and reliability
  • Operating comfort similar to a traditional computer room
  • Customized design and independent solution, combining the best solutions from each manufacturer, to meet the needs of our customers.
  • A privileged interlocutor who accompanies you throughout your project
  • Training of customer teams
  • Warranty and preventive and curative maintenance service 24/24, 7/7
  • Network of local partners

A proven solution for all types of organizations

  • Industries
  • Smart cities - Smart cities
  • Media and broadcasting
  • Security, defence and video surveillance
  • Distribution
  • Telecom and Teleports

It-box in pictures

Discover all our it-box models

our range of containerised data centres

100% French

Our it-boxes are entirely designed in our workshops in France.

16 weeks

From design to installation
of your it-box

4000 hours of Smart Design

Customization and optimization
are at the heart of our business

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